Veterans offered 1 year of FREE learning on

Linkedin has partnered with to offer veterans and service members 1 year of FREE learning on for 2016!


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You can sign-up for your FREE year of learning through here. ¬† is a Linkedin company that offers on-demand learning (over 4,000 courses) from expert instructors. In order to access this amazing FREE opportunity, you will need to add your military experience to your profile within Linkedin. Don’t have a Linkedin account? It’s free and super easy to use. Sign up for a free Linkedin account here.

Linkedin is also offering a 1 year FREE LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker account!!!! This is an amazing free opportunity and I am currently taking advantage of it. I promise, it’s at no cost to the servicemember and there are NO hidden fees. It doesn’t even ask you for your bank account information or a credit card.

The Premium Job Seeker account gives you access to advanced job search tools and you can even join the Veteran Mentor Network Group, where you will receive assistance transitioning from the military or developing your career plans.

As the military continues to suffer personnel and budget cuts, it’s imperative that servicemembers set themselves up for success and plan for a future outside of the military. While most of the cuts currently being made appear to be voluntary, I wonder how long it will take before those cuts turn into involuntary cuts. I subscribe to the Army Times and I try to stay current on all the budget decreases and how those cuts will affect my job and career in the military as a Reservist.

I’m a photojournalist for the Army Reserves and has several courses that are helping me learn more about my MOS. This MOS directly translates into civilian employment opportunities but by earning certifications through and taking courses (these courses will be documented on your LinkedIn account for hiring managers to see), I am ensuring that my military experience properly translates into a good paying job on the civilian side.

Please share this post and share the  links for the FREE membership. This is an amazing opportunity and I hope my brothers and sisters take advantage of it.


I'm a fast-talking high school English teacher, mother of two boys (the 2nd due in March), wife to an Army Lt., and photo-journalist for the Army Reserves. I'm slightly addicted to office supplies and I easily get carried away with projects and ideas; especially for the playroom and my classroom.

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